How to use Google Maps

Follow our instruction to understand how to use Google Maps. Use Google Maps on your computer, or mobile devices to search, explore, and find your way around the world. Google Maps does not require Google Account to use.

  1. Go to This is an example.

  2. Click the circle icon on the bottom right to find your location on Google Maps.

  3. Input a place in the search box find to its location. (E.g. Statue of Liberty)

  4. Save your favorite places, find places nearby, send the location to your phone through text or email or share the location to other social network websites.

  5. You can also click Directions to find directions between two locations.

  6. You can choose multiple routes to get to your destination based on your means of transport: on foot, by car, by bike, or by public transportation.
    1. Choose your vehicles
    2. Choose starting point
    3. Choose destination

  7. Google Map also have a feature called Street View. It provides 360o view from positions along many streets in the world and let you virtually walking the street. You can go into Street View mode by clicking the yellow figure on the bottom then click any streets with Street view available on the map.

  8. E.g. Statue of Liberty in Street View mode